The Protagonist Party

What would it be like if a bunch of modern video game protagonists got together at a party? Confusing, to say the least.

Hey! Solid Snake, how’s it going?
Nathan Drake! Good to see you, man.
Hi guys. I’m Alan Wake.
Nice to meet you, Alan Wake. I’m Nathan Drake, this is Solid Snake.
Welcome, Wake. Hey, you look a little like my friend Drake.
Thanks, Snake. It’s not the first time I’ve been compared to Drake.
What up guys!
Hey, you’re that guy from Resistance.
The name’s Nathan Hale.
Alan Wake, a pleasure.
Let me introduce you to Alex Shepherd from Silent Hill.
Shepherd, this is Wake, Drake, and Snake.
Cheers. I’m gonna go take a leak.
Man, that Shepherd guy’s a loser.
You guys talking about me?
No, Commander Shepard, that other Shepherd.
Who me?
Not you, General Shepherd.
I’m a general?
Who the fuck are you?
I’m Jack Shephard, from Lost.
You’re not from a video game.
Come on, let me join the club. I’ve got brown hair and a stubbly beard.
He’s got a point.
Nobody move! I’ve got you, Shepherd!
Don’t shoot!
Stand down, MacTavish! Or I’ll kill your friend…what’s your name?
Cole MacGrath.
You leave MacGrath out of this!
Make me, MacTavish!
BOOM! Headshot!
Thanks for the assist, Jason Flemming.
Guess I got pretty good after storming that Shadow Complex.
Agent Jayden, FBI. I’m here to make an arrest for the murder of General Shepherd.
Leave Jason alone, Jayden.
I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take Jason down.
Not that Jason.


One Response to “The Protagonist Party”

  1. fiddler6 Says:

    Hahaha! Oh slapstick! That was great. Well done!

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