My name is Andrew Afan. I am a video game programmer based in Toronto.

My first video game system was the NES which I got back in 1988. I didn’t own a lot of games, but I played the shit out of those I did. I experienced other games through rentals, borrowing from friends or playing at my cousins’ place. When I first got a job I could finally start buying all the games I wanted, starting at around the PlayStation 2 era. I’m now rocking the PS3 and XBox 360, but I’ll always come back to the 8 and 16-bit classics.

My favourite genres are Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Platformers, Music/Rhythm, and any combination of the above. I will gladly jump into a AAA blockbuster title just as eagerly as a $10 Indie production. I love games that are easy to get into, ones that you can pick up just by experimenting.

This blog is meant to take a humourous look at the world of video games, not to hate. Let me know if you like something or hate something. Just don’t take anything too seriously.


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